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1st Period-8th Grade PE

2nd Period-8th Grade PE

3rd Period-8th Grade PE

4th Period-Prep

5th Period-8th Grade PE

6th Period-Responsibility Center

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Physical Education Make-Up Plan

Below is a list of several ways your child could make up points lost in his/her physical education class.  Please note: the chosen assignments must be completed and handed in to the instructor no later than one week prior to the end of the grading period.  If your student is on a home study program the make up work must be turned in upon return school, for full credit.  The teacher determines the total points earned on each assignment. Poor quality work will not receive full point values.  All make-up work must be handwritten.  Students receive -2 points for each day absent and may make up all absences. Otherwise, make-up work can be completed only by students who have 30 or more minus points.  STUDENTS NEED PERMISSION FROM THEIR TEACHER IN ORDER TO DO MORE THAN 10 POINTS OF MAKE-UP WORK PER QUARTER.



  1. Write a one-page report about the activity they are presently learning in class, or about any other activity of interest. You must list sources of information, such as the name of the book or a magazine, the title, author, and page numbers. Reports copied directly will not be accepted. 1 full page = +2 points

  2. Read a magazine or newspaper article about health, fitness, medicine, a sports figure or something happening in the sports world and then write a one-page opinion paper on the article. Be sure to include the article with your paper. The paper should be one page long.

        1 full page = +2 points

  1. Choose 15 vocabulary words from a sport of physical activity, and define each one. Be sure to use a book written about the sport, as a dictionary may not have the correct meaning. (Example: “love” in tennis means zero) 

        15 well defined words = +2 points

  1. Make a poster collage (12” x 18”) involving something relating to health, fitness, or sports. It should have a message. (Example: “Exercise for a Healthy Heart”) Attach to the back of the poster a 1-page paper that describes what your poster is about and why you picked that particular topic. Paper should include what you learned about the topic or the benefits of your topic on physical education.

 Poster = up to +8 points (only 1 poster per quarter)

    5.   Watch a sporting event such as a junior high, high school, college, or a professional sport. Write a one page paper about the sporting event to include the following: type of sporting event, names of the teams, time the game started and ended, who won the game, and what was the final score. Include an evaluation of the game. What did you think about the game? What did you learn? What did you like or dislike? Any unusual rules or odd plays in the game? Have your parent or guardian sign the paper to verify that you attended the game.  1 full page = +2points

J. Reyes

PE Packet (Syllabus)

*****SAVE IN BINDER*****


Walters Middle School Physical Education Class


Dear Student and Parents,

    The goal of this department is to provide a well-rounded program of sport and physical fitness activities for all students.  The program is designed to promote interest and enthusiasm among students, to introduce proper life-long fitness habits, and to develop fundamental skills in various activities. Physical Fitness Testing is also a part of our program.

Expectations for Online Instruction

While we are sheltering in place and learning at a distance,  expectations for participation and success include:

  • Participate fully in all activities.

  • Students display name needs to include first and last names 

  • Do not share video conferencing logins

  • Only participate in assigned video conferences

  • Video will be turned on during instruction

  • Virtual interaction must use positive and school appropriate language, actions and imaging

  • Academic honesty must be upheld

  • Any standing behavior expectation will be enforced for any virtual form of the infraction

  • Students need to wear clothes that allow physical activity. (suggested: athletic shoes, comfortable clothing, athletic wear, no restrictive clothing)

  • School dress code is enforced. (everything that needs to be covered is covered)

  • Expect to be moving your body while on Zoom.

  • If being disruptive or not following along with our guidelines, students will first get a warning, then will be ejected from Zoom live classroom and PARENTS WILL BE CONTACTED.

  • Parents and other housemates will not be allowed in camera view during class time.


In order to protect the health and safety of your child in class, the Physical Education Staff requires your child to dress in clothing appropriate for physical activity.  This includes a T-shirt, shorts, socks and a pair of athletic shoes.  Warm-ups or sweats are optional, but handy to have during cold weather.  Clothing must be loose enough to allow a full range of motion yet not so baggy as to affect participation.  T-shirts must be tucked into shorts or sweatpants at all times during physical education class.  Acceptable colors are solid purple, gold, or grey. It’s recommended that the students purchase a Walters P.E. uniform from the P.E. Department but it is not required to purchase clothes from Walters.  The clothes will be on sale at the student Maze Day, during the first week of school, and throughout the school year. The cost of each item is as follows:  shorts $11, t-shirt $9, sweatpants $15, and sweatshirt $15.  Students must be in their proper P.E. uniform to receive full credit for participation each day.

Students may not wear their school clothes during physical education activities..  We require this in order to prevent students from damaging their school clothes or wearing “sweaty” clothes to their other classes.  Only underwear should be worn under p.e. clothes.  The student needs to remember, “If it’s worn to school, you don’t wear it to class.”  We require that their names be visibly marked on their P.E. uniform.  Uniforms are not to be worn inside out.  The students last name and first initial should be at least one inch block letters written across the chest on the chest on the shirt and sweatshirt and the left pant leg of the shorts and sweatpants.  It’s also important that the clothes are visibly marked, as occasionally they are lost or misplaced by the student, and it helps when trying to get these items back to their owners.  Jackets worn to school are not appropriate for this class. Clothing should be taken home Friday to be cleaned and returned Monday.  P.E. clothes may not be worn in other classes.



If students forget their clothes, we have clean loaner clothes that they may borrow.  Students must present their Student ID card to obtain loaners. Students who have forgotten their clothes must ask for and wear loaners to avoid penalties for non-dress.  Students are given 3 opportunities to borrow loaners each quarter without any consequences.  If they borrow a 4th time, they will be given a referral and a one-hour detention.  They will not be allowed to borrow clothes a 5th time.  Students who fail to dress for class or wear their school clothes under their p.e. clothes will be docked 10 points from their P.E. grade and will receive a referral that will result in a 3-hour detention.



We provide students with a locker and require that each student provides his or her own combination lock with a serial number on the back of the lock.  We have locks available for purchase year round.  We will have new locks for sale for $5 and used locks for $4.  If you purchase a lock from another source, it must have a serial number on the back to aid us in locker room security. Locks without a serial number will not be accepted.  If a student loses his/her lock it is his/her responsibility to replace it and to inform one of the teachers of the new combination and serial number.  Proper use of one’s lock is the student’s only means to secure clothing and valuables!  Students who leave their valuables unsecured 5 times a semester or more will receive a postcard home to parents.  If a student leaves his or her locker unsecured 8 times, they will be denied the use of a locker until the end of the semester. Students are not permitted to share lockers.


Personal Hygiene

Deodorant is not required, but is strongly recommended for all students. Containers should be plastic, no sprays, and especially NO GLASS.


Medical Excuses:

     It’s our department policy that a student must have a phone call excuse or email from his or her parent to limit the student’s participation in P.E.  A e-mail or school loop message must be received by 7:45 AM and must include:  1) Date, 2) Student’s first and last name, 3) Period student has P.E., 4) Student’s roll call number,  5) Parent’s name and contact phone number, 6) Reason for limitation.  Sample message… “Today is October 4th.  This call is to excuse Clark Kent in 3rd period, roll call number 7.  My name is Sara Kent, his mother, and I can be reached at 555-2323.  Clark sprained his ankle yesterday at soccer practice.  He will not be able to run or jump today.”   A parent’s excuse can be for one day but no longer than three days.  If the medical problem exceeds three days, then the student must obtain a note from a doctor.    Students with a parent or guardian’s excuse are still required to dress in their P.E. clothes, but their activity will be limited according to the excuse. Parents should ask the doctor to write specific instructions regarding limitation of activity.  If there are not specific instructions, the teacher and students will determine the limitations (example:  a student with a broken arm can still do sit-ups, walk, and do other exercises with non-injured body parts).

Make-Up Policy:

     Please understand that Physical Education is a participation class.  Your child’s grade is dependent on his or her daily attendance and active participation.  Students lose points for every absence, excused or not.  Your child may make up those points by doing a written make-up assignment.  Please review our Physical Education Make-Up Plan.


     Our department grades on a point system where all students begin with an “A” or zero points and as they lose points, their grade drops.  -21 or more points during a quarter is an “F”. Students are graded on their participation and effort.  Students are required to walk/jog a mile under 13 minutes.  Students are asked to perform an exercise routine daily and their ability to stay on task is considered as a part of their grade.  There is more to passing physical education than simply dressing-out!  Please review our grading policy that is part of this packet.


Grading Policy

Physical Education is a participation class. Each student begins the quarter with an “A”.  Students who dress in the proper P.E. uniform, perform the required daily exercises, jogs, actively participate, and satisfactorily complete written assignments, skills and written tests will continue to retain their “A” grade.  Each quarter has two units.  Grades will be posted in Walters’ School Loop twice a quarter.   Progress reports will be sent to those students receiving C- or lower mid quarter.

The following information shows how students may gain or lose points.

Skills & Written Test                Minus Points=(QT./SEM.) VALUES

Written Assignments                -0 to -3  =  A        -12 to -13 = C

Grades & Points Values            -4 to -5  = A-        -14 to -15 = C-

    A=  0 Points                -6 to -7  = B+                  -16            = D+

    B= -2 Points*                -7 to -8    = B        -17 to -18 = D

    C= -3 Points*                -9  to -10 = B-                 -19  to -20 = D-

    D= -4 Points*                -11           = C+        -21 or more= F

    F= -5 Points*

To qualify for PE make-up work students must have 15  minus points or more.  Students can only make up a total of 10 points per quarter not including make-up work for absence.  Students will be responsible for arranging make-ups on assignments, written and or skills test with their teacher.

POINT GAIN                        POINT LOSS

MILE RUN- Point Gain once a month               -2 Points per absence

13 mins-    12 mins=    +0 pts               -1 to -2 Points per tardy to roll call

11:59 mins-    11 mins=    +1 pts               -1 to -5 Points for improper P.E. clothes,

10:59 mins-    10 mins=    +2 pts                 including; un-tucked shirts, shirt under 

9:59 mins-    9 mins=        +3 pts                 uniforms, improper shoes, etc.

8:59 mins-    8 mins=        +4 pts               -1 to -5 Points improper behavior*

7:59 or less     =        +5 pts               -1 to -3 food, drink, or gum in class

Over 13 min will result in minus points                 or locker-room

-Other Runs-                                -3 to -5 Points poor on mile run/daily run

*Timed runs must be run for full time               -1 to -5 Points not participating

with the guidelines of the teacher or               -3 to -5 Points F for the Day lack of effort 

-1 to -5 points will result.                         or improper behavior.

                               -5 Points for a class cut

                               -10 Points non dress = REFERRAL



  1. Change from school clothes to their P.E. clothes daily

  2. Ask for Loaner Clothes when needed to avoid a non-dress

  3. Be medically excused only with a parent’s email/school loop or a doctor’s note.

  4. Dress daily even when parents’ or doctor’s excuse you from activities.

  5. Be aware that a parent’s excuse is not honored for longer than 3 days.

  6. Be inside locker room doors at the tardy bell

  7. Be on roll call number 7 minutes after the tardy bell

  8. Refrain from any “horse play” inside or outside the locker room.

  9. Refrain from eating, drinking, or gum chewing, this includes the locker room

  10. Behave in a responsible manner at all times

  11. Enter/Exit the locker room through the back door (blacktop side) everyday.

  12. Use Equipment only for its intended purposes

  13. Do Not leave class unless instructed to do so by the teacher

  14. Only use blacktop bathrooms during PE

  15. Be responsible for securing your locker with your combination lock each and every time when leaving the locker room.




We are looking forward to our year with your student.  Thank you for your cooperation and support for this coming year.


         Walters Physical Education Staff

Please contact us via email or school loop

L. Alves

C. Campana

P. Gentry

D. Klatt

R. Nganga

J. Reyes


Students, you are required to keep these papers in your notebook so that you can refer to them during the school year if you have any questions or need to do any make-up work.


Information packet, mile sheets, and other information available online at: