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K. Sharma


Phone Number: (510)656-7211 x 28037


Walters Middle School

 7th Grade Science, 2022-23

Welcome to the school year 2022-23

This is my 19th year teaching at Walters. I am very hopeful that together we all can try our best and achieve our goal. It is my purpose to make this year fun and engaging as possible!


Course Requirements:

1.  Science text book

2.  work book


Platform to be used

  1. Google classroom - Assignments

  2. Infinite Campus - Grades

Discipline policy :

1. If any rule mentioned above is not followed, there will be a warning. 

2 . Call or email to parent if behavior still continue

3. Referral to vice principal if there is no resolution or change in  behavior. 


Please feel free to email for any questions and concerns .



Daily Schedule
Period Class
1st Science 7H
2nd Prep
3rd Science 7H
4th Science 7
Lunch Lunch
5th Science 7H
6th Science 7H