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 Behavior Expectations 

  • All students will be quiet when the teacher is speaking

  • Remain in your assigned seat unless given permission.  

  • No horseplay is allowed in the classroom or in lab activities. 

  • Eating food (including gum or candy) and drinks is not allowed 

  • Students will not write on tables, chair, or litter the room

  • You must be in your assigned seat before the tardy bell rings 

Classroom discipline plan 

  • Be prompt: students are to be seated and ready to work when the tardy bell rings.  

  • Be prepared: all necessary materials are to be in class and restroom breaks to be taken care of before. 

  • Be respectful to others: this includes respecting other people’s property, opinions and personal space. 

  • Be courteous: do not speak out of turn. 

  • Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

  • Remember the bell doesn't dismiss you, the teacher does.

 Consequences of misbehavior

  1. Verbal Warning

  2. Visit to the responsibility center 

  3. Phone call to parents 

  4. Conference with teacher

  5. Referral to the Vice Principal