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T. Nicholson


Grade 8 GFA/ Grade 7 CC2/GFA

Mr. Thomas Nicholson

Phone Number 510-656-7211 Ext 28052



Welcome back to school!  There are a few new rules to make for when we are on Zoom.

I hope you all can participate full in all activities.

Do not share video conferencing logins.

Video will be turned on during instruction.

Virtual interaction must use positive and school appropriate language, actions and imaging

Academic honesty must be upheld ( Do not cheat).

Any standing behavior expectation will be enforced for any visual form of the infractions.

Have a positive attitude and open mindset toward our new and every changing learning environment.

Come to class prepared, dressed appropriately sit upright at a table or desk and have your supplies readily availabable.





I would like to first welcome you to school here at Walters Middle School.  I look forward to teaching your child this year and I hope they are   successful in all their classes.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any concerns.  The best way to reach me is by email( Given Above)

Course Description

Here at Walters we teach Common Core Math which is aligned with the state standards in mathematics.  We are currently using the Springboard book for most of our instruction.  There are a few topics that I will use a different book because it does a much better job at helping students learn the standard.  Your student is responsible for the textbook even though they are consumable, students may write in the books.  However if your student loses the book, they may purchase a new one at a cost of 20-25 dollars.

Things your student will need for my class.

I expect students to come to class on time, ready to learn and with everything they will need to help that.  Pencils, paper, and their  textbook are required every day.  If your student does not have what they need I will send an email to inform you of what they need.   Students are also required to have a note book this year.  They will need them to keep notes on  the various topics I cover and it will help them to organize, so they may use the notes to prepare for a test.  I do expect your students to do their math work  with pencils only.




Homework/IXL – 30%

Classwork/seatwork/citizenship -20%



A – 90 and above

B – 80 to 89.9

C -70 to 79.9

D -60 to 69.9

 F- Below 60 %

Tests and Quizzes will be given about every 8 to 12 school days.  They will not always be on the same day.

Quizzes will be given more frequently and test will be given at the end of a unit.  If your child performs poorly on a test they will be given an opportunity to retake a test only if it is signed by a parent/guardian and mistakes are correct on the first test.  The redo test cannot exceed 80% for a replacement score.


Homework will be given most days of school.  However I try not to give homework over the weekend.  I will give any homework due Monday to the students by Thursday so they may avoid any weekend homework if they choose.


Classwork and citizenship are 20 % of the grade and be evaluated on your child’s efforts and participation in class.


Classroom rules


Be ready by the time the class is to start

Stay online during the lesson and visible.

No talking during lessons.



I am on School-Loop and grades will be published regularly, but may not be every day.


Thank you for going over this with your student.  I am available for meetings upon request, and most available through email.  Please feel free to contact me with any of your questions or concerns.










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