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A. Pasternak

Mrs. Pasternak                                                   
Dear Students and Parents,
I know none of us imagined we'd be starting the new school year quite like this!  However, I am delighted to be on this journey with your child and your entire family. I look forward to embracing this new experience with you and your student and making this a great year! Together, we've got this!  I want to make sure you have some important information.  Welcome to seventh grade common core math.   I am looking forward to a challenging, engaging and exciting school year. 
Synchronous learning is live with a teacher in a whole group.  Asynchronous is independent school work that your child will be assigned to engage in on or off their device throughout the school day.  SCHOOL LOOP WILL BE STUDENTS ACCURATE GRADE, google classroom is where students will communicate and submit work into, zoom will be our daily live instruction. 
When entering zoom Type your legal Last name, then first name
Be on Time
Come Prepared
Turn on your Camera 
Mute your Mic
Share your thinking
listen to others
remove distractions
Respect others, be respectful
Be positive 



WORKBOOK:  SpringBoard Course 2



Bring your SpringBoard Mathematices Consumable workbook everyday to our zoom class.  Also, bring a Pen or Pencil, and a workbook with binder with paper and dividers (this is the same binder used for all subjects), and Graph paper to take class notes in.


This course is a common core math course. Students will learn seventh grade standards as preparation for 8th grade math.  Throughout this school year, we will be covering the following topics: Solving one and two step equations (using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), Inequalities, factors, fractions, exponents, operations with fractions, percents, solving equations, isolating variables, and graphing.



Homework 40% 

Tests and quizzes will be 20% 

IXL 30%

Participation 10%




Homework is scored as follows:  a perfect paper earns 10 points (A), a paper with one, two, or three corrected errors earns 9 points (A-), a paper with four, five, or six corrected errors earns 8 points (B), a paper with more than six corrected errors earns 7 points (C).  A missing assignment earns 0.  
No late work will be accepted.
Upon returning from an absence, a new due date will be given along with the missing assignments.  Full credit will be given up to the new due date.  Generally, a student will have the same number of days to make up an assignment as they were absent. It is the students’ responsibility to E-MAIL me when they submit any work after the due date.  


Quizzes are given periodically during a chapter.  Tests are given at the end of each chapter.  Test corrections and re-takes will not be given in this class.    All tests and quizzes will be announced on Monday of the week they will be given.  There will be four district benchmark exams.  These will be included in the grade.


Office Hours

Office hours are, Monday through Friday from 1:05 – 2:05, on school days.  They are available through appointment only.  Please e-mail me to set up an appointment, and I will return all e-mails usually with-in 24hours. 

Anna Pasternak