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Science 8

Class information

Google Classroom Link Codes 

Period 4 Invite Link Here     Period 4 Code - jlm5jhr

Period 5 Invite Link Here     Period 5 Code - w44aqro

Period 6 Invite Link Here     Period 6 Code - ley5pxe

Zoom Distance Learning Class

*link is now posted in Google Classroom only*

Science Green Sheet

Syllabus (Green Sheet) Link Here

Class Expectations 

1. Introduce yourselves. Be sure to write your first and last name before entering class. 

2. Be on camera. You will need your camera on and present while in class. 

3. Dress appropriately. Follow school dress code while virtually present in class. 

4. Mute yourselves. Be sure to mute your microphone (if it’s not done already) when entering class. There will be more than 20 people per class session, so having everyone’s microphones muted will cut down on noise and any feedback issues. 
5. Be considerate of yourself and others. Need to ask a question, have issues, or need to talk? Type it in the chat. Do you have music or loud noises blasting in the background? Stay muted. Getting frustrated that class is going too slow or perhaps too fast? Understand we’re all learning this new platform together. Find ways to support each other in these times.