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Introduction and Expectations

Good day. I'm Mr. Del Carpio, a 7th grade science teacher. I'm a graduate from UCSC and CSU East Bay. This year I'll be starting my 7th year at Walters and I'm excited to be teaching you all about the exciting world of life science. A random fact for you students is that my favorite super hero is Spider-man.

Now, this year is starting differently than most, and because of that I will be sharing my classroom expectations with you as well as giving you early access to the class syllabus(on the right side of the screen).


Student Expectations

- Set up a workspace in your home

- Follow the published bell schedule and be on time for each class period, attendance is mandatory

- Know your FUSD Google login and password, keep this information private

- Set up a School Loop student account

- Check your Loop mail, school website, and Google classrooms regularly  

- Ensure your computer background and profile pictures are appropriate for school

- Turn your camera on and your microphone off during synchronous (live) learning sessions

- Reserve the chat room for educational purposes using appropriate language and content

- Students may not record, take screenshots, post or share any digital content

- Cell phone use and dress code policies apply just like during in-person instruction

- Demonstrate appropriate conduct at all times, progressive discipline will be followed with any situation involving cyberbullying or harassment of any kind  

- Come prepared to class with appropriate materials

- Turn in your own work, copying/pasting and otherwise plagiarizing is prohibited

Parent Expectations

- Set up a workspace in your home

- Ensure your student follows the published bell schedule and is on time for each class period

- Attendance is mandatory, follow regular reporting procedures when students are absent or tardy

- Parents will not participate in class or communicate with students in a class, parents may participate in the Q&A session on the first day of school only

- Any concerns should be addressed with the teacher outside of class time

- Ensure your student has access to appropriate school materials including a computer, earphones, microphones, writing utensils and basic supplies

- Set up a School Loop parent account

- Check your Loop mail, email, and school website regularly