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Michelle Carey

About ME

Hello, I'm Michelle Carey. I teach 7th & 8th grade science at Walters Middle School. This is my 7th year teaching and my 4th year here at Walters. Before I came to Walters I was the science teacher at Blacow Elementary. I received my B.A. in physics from Cal Poly SLO in 2011. I earned my teaching credential from CSUEB in 2014 and a Masters in Educational Technology in 2015. 

I live in Fremont with my husband and our two children. Some activities I enjoy is playing at the beach with my kids and eating sushi with my friends. 

Bell Schedule

M. Carey


To create a learning environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable please follow the rules below at EACH class meeting or anytime you are interacting with your classmates or Mrs. Carey:

  1. This is a safe environment online. Do not talk over or make rude comments to others. Respectful listening is important and everyone can have their own opinion.

  2. Please have your materials with you and ready to go BEFORE EACH meeting. You should have up google classroom, a pencil, paper, books, and any other materials asked of you.

  3. Cell Phone/Technology Policy: Please avoid using your cell phones during online meetings. If you have group chats within the class or with others please do NOT do it during class time. 

  4. You are required to have your cameras ON and your audio muted most of the time. There will be times when I will ask you to unmute yourself and speak, but most of the time you will have your camera on and audio off. If this is a problem please talk to me privately.

  5. You are not allowed to film our class meetings without talking to me for permission first. If you need something repeated feel free to reach out to me or a classmate.

  6. Please act appropriately during our class meetings. You are expected to pay attention, dress appropriately, participate in discussions, listen respectfully, and be ready to learn new material.

  7. If you are absent or miss a meeting it is YOUR responsibility to turn in missed work and get the notes or handouts. Try your best to catch up before the next class meeting UNLESS you have talked to me before! FIRST, check google classroom, school loop and contact a classmate. If you need personal help then email me at 

I’m looking forward to a great year getting to know you all. As always please let me know if you have any concerns or if you have any questions. I’m here to help you succeed. I’m so excited for our school year!!!!!

Take care and stay safe and healthy,


Mrs. Carey


Google ClassRoom

2nd Period:

Code: nqhaggp

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3rd Period:

Code: qwasx77

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4th Period:

Code: fqcqiqp

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Science Syllabus