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While we are sheltering in place and learning at a distance,  expectations for participation and success include:

  • Participate fully in all activities.

  • Students display name needs to include  first and last names 

  • Do not share video conferencing logins

  • Only participate in assigned video conferences

  • Video will be turned on during instruction

  • Virtual interaction must use positive and school appropriate language, actions and imaging

  • Academic honesty must be upheld

  • Any standing behavior expectation will be enforced for any virtual form of the infraction

  • Students need to wear clothes that allow physical activity. (suggested: athletic shoes, comfortable clothing, athletic wear, no restrictive clothing)

  • School dress code is enforced. (everything that needs to be covered is covered)

  • Expect to be moving your body while on Zoom.

  • If being disruptive or not following along with our guidelines, students will first get a warning, then will be ejected from Zoom live classroom and PARENTS WILL BE CONTACTED.

  • Parents and other housemates will not be allowed in camera view during class time.