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Hillary Lewis

Click the link above for directions to our Zoom meeting on Aug. 24th. This applies to my first period students only.


Zoom Expectations


- Set up a workspace in your home

- Follow the published bell schedule and be on time for each class period, attendance is mandatory

- Know your FUSD Google login and password, keep this information private

- Set up a School Loop student account

- Check your Loop mail, school website, and Google classrooms regularly  

- Ensure your computer background and profile pictures are appropriate for school

- Turn your camera on and your microphone off during synchronous (live) learning sessions

- Reserve the chat room for educational purposes using appropriate language and content

- Students may not record, take screenshots, post or share any digital content

- Cell phone use and dress code policies apply just like during in-person instruction

- Demonstrate appropriate conduct at all times, progressive discipline will be followed with any situation involving cyberbullying or harassment of any kind  

- Come prepared to class with appropriate materials

- Turn in your own work, copying/pasting and otherwise plagiarizing is prohibited



- Set up a workspace in your home

- Ensure your student follows the published bell schedule and is on time for each class period

- Attendance is mandatory, follow regular reporting procedures when students are absent or tardy

- Parents will not participate in class or communicate with students in a class, parents may participate in the Q&A session on the first day of school only

- Any concerns should be addressed with the teacher outside of class time

- Ensure your student has access to appropriate school materials including a computer, earphones, microphones, writing utensils and basic supplies

- Set up a School Loop parent account

- Check your Loop mail, email, and school website regularly