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David Rosenblum

WELCOME BACK (or first time 6th graders) students and parents!

Mr. Rosenblum’s RSP Core Support class 

Walters Middle School 2022-'23

Overview: Core Support is a 50 min. period class per school day (shorter on Wed.) serving as the elective class designated for students who need more support and have IEP goals. Core support is designed to help students be effective in learning methods of study that will help make learning easier. 

Students will learn how to organize their school backpack, school materials, how to set academic goals and create a plan of action, self-management/self-awareness, and new ways to study. The student will receive more practice and instruction in reading comprehension, fluency, written expression and math skills. Students will have the opportunity to work with others, complete their homework, seek the help they need, and study for their tests. 

The Core Support class is not a study hall or a place for students to do all their homework; it’s primarily for learning the skills which will enable students to complete their work more successfully. This class is an opportunity to help students improve their grades in classes that are difficult for them. 

Core support is designed to develop, strengthen, and improve skills for positive academic and social/emotional development and achievement. Strategies for comprehension and memory skills, test taking, and the enhancements of written expression along with self-advocacy skills, and transitional planning are included. Students’ progress is monitored and reviewed throughout the school year according to their IEPs (Individual Education Plans.) 

Our class provides support to assist students in succeeding in their content classes. In the core support room, students will receive supplemental instruction based on their content classes. The information will be presented using a variety of teaching styles to meet the learning styles of the student. Students will learn how to solve problems, develop new study skills, develop organizational skills, and learn skills to empower them to advocate for themselves as they prepare for high school and life. 

Expectations: It is expected that students will come to class prepared with the materials needed for Core Support. Students are helped and expected to maintain an “agenda” in their planner or another organizational method to keep track of assignments, projects, and tests/quizzes. Students will complete assigned work in order to achieve goals on their IEPs and review/complete assignments from their content-area classes. Students are expected to: 

- Bring materials and assignments with them 

- Stay on task and engaged during class 

- Ask for help 

- Work independently when possible 

- Be self-aware of your behavior and how it affects those around you 

- Be a helper to those around you 

- Do your part in the Learning process


- To assist the students in becoming as independent and successful as they can be. - To monitor the students’ progress toward meeting their IEP goals and to assist the student in successfully completing all courses of study. 

- To maintain communication with the student, parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and other staff involved with the educational progress. 


- Planning and Goal setting 

- Setting priorities and Time management 

- Organization 

- Monitoring, self-assessment, advocacy 

- Storing and Remembering information / Test taking 

- Reading and Language Arts, Math, History, and Science 

- Transitional planning 


All students will be graded on participation/productivity, journal writing, and various classroom work and activities. Each student’s individual student’s IEP’s goals and accommodations will be factored in. If students make effort, try hard, and do their best they will get a good grade in Core Support. 

Sample Core Support Weekly Schedule: 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Basic Support organization day, folder verification, goal setting, academic activities. 

Tuesday, Thursday – Task Help Day, Skills-Based (approximately half the period devoted to help with their gen ed classwork and homework) 

Contact Information: (email is the best way to reach me.) 

(510) 656-7211 ext. 28008 

(I will not be able to talk during school hours, please leave a message) 

Thank you, I’m looking forward to an enjoyable and successful new school year with your student, David Rosenblum