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J. Yuen


tile work - YuenEmail Address:

Phone number:  (510) 656-7211 ext. 28027

Best time to call: 4th p, lunch, after school


Welcome to the wonderful world of ELD (English Language Development)! I'm very happy to continue my teaching at Walters. All my students are extra special because they already know another language before entering the classroom. We are a very diverse community! With hard work and dedication in English, students can be on their way to being bilingual or even trilingual!

YuenWe work on developing and improving English skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Also I teach the Newspaper/Yearbook class. I'm excited to see what these journalism students will produce for Walters!



Period 1 ELD 3
Period 2 ELD 1 & 2
Period 3 ELD 1 & 2
Period 4 Prep
Lunch Yum!
Period 5 Yearbook/Newspaper
Period 6 ELD 1 Connections